the green wedding

The last weekend in September, Sam and I flew to Minnesota to celebrate my good friend Mikka’s wedding to her love, Adam.  This was the first trip that Sam and I took without Evelyn.   Sam’s mom, who Evelyn will know as Neena, watched her and our pup for the weekend which gave them some much needed bonding time without us hovering over every move Evy makes.  It gave Sam and I some much needed bonding and reconnecting time as well.  It was pure magic, for all involved.

Our first trip away!

Our first trip away!

The weekend consisted of ugly crying (all by me).  It started when we were dropped off at the airport.  Ugly crying all the way to the check in desk… and then to the TSA security guard who told me to suck it up and enjoy time away from the baby because it will be a long time til the next time we get the chance. Great advice – followed by the lady in front of us who was also near ugly crying about leaving her chuahaha for the weekend as well.  That helped me get over it as did the bloody mary’s we enjoyed pre-flight.  This also stepped in as a night cap for the flight.

When we landed in MSP, we had one stop before our five hour drive north to Grand Marais, MN (yes, it was truly right next to Canada).  Our stop was to pick up the wedding cake (!) & the grooms cake (holy pressure batman!)  The baker assured me that the beautiful three tiered wedding cake would be fine as long as we didn’t slam on the breaks and kept the air conditioning on.

The view from Devil Track Resort

The view from Devil Track Resort

The drive was beautiful.  The radio was choppy so Sam and I sang/rapped to each other (will smith was the fave), chatted about anything and everything and snapped lots of blurry side of the road scenery photos trying to catch the fall colors.  When we finally arrived to the resort around 9:30 p.m. – Mikka was there to tackle me with a huge bear hug & happy tears.  She went to the back to take out the cake and IT HAD TOPPLED OVER!  We never slammed on the breaks & we froze our tushes off the entire way FOR THAT CAKE!  Mikka’s response? ‘No biggie – Adam didn’t even know we were having a wedding cake’ – BEST BRIDE EVER!  The groom’s cake was in perfect condition which was her real concern.  The cake came back to our cabin with us (ya know, to hide it from the groom).

Friday, Sam and I headed into town to have breakfast, see the town and enjoy each other.  It all sounds so cheesy but it was so necessary.  We noted that it felt weird not to have Evelyn with us, but it was easy to go back to how it was when it was just us.  {{We’ve still got it.}}  We were even able to get a bit of a hike in before the rehearsal.  Picture perfect day on the beautiful north shore.  Friday night concluded with memorable quotes from Sam including when I tried to tell him there’d be no more wine, he chanted “WINE NOT? WINE NOT?” & “BABY FREE WEEKEND! WINE NOT!?”  He’s adorable.

Superior Hiking Trail

Superior Hiking Trail

superior hiking trail

Saturday was the wedding day & the grey clouds inched their way closer and closer from 9 a.m. – 12.  An outdoor wedding was the goal for the bride & groom and I have to give them credit, the clouds did not falter their determination in any way.  Another goal was to not see one another before the wedding, so when decorations outside began to blow over and the rain turned into what we so enduringly named, Hurricane Green, communications on the game plan were tunneled through a chain of messengers running back and forth with the same message, “whatever Adam wants….” Or “ whatever Mikka wants..”   Adorable.

Hurricane Green

Hurricane Green

The beautiful bride

The beautiful bride

A compromise was made for having the wedding in the reception tent.  I mean it when I say, THIS WEDDING WAS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WEDDING I’VE EVER WITNESSED.  The love in this tent.  While there were tables blowing over and rolling towards the tent, Mikka & Adam recited their vows to one another in perfect fashion.  Mikka referenced Adam’s love of cars and Adam promised to stand by her no matter what.  Here is where I began to ugly cry:  Mikka’s niece, Louise, had vows to exchange as well.  Mikka & Adam have taken on parental responsibilities of this little angel who adores them.  Mikka vowed, Adam vowed and then Louise recited hers which were filled with requests such as, “all I ask is that you continually encourage me and that we do awesome things together…”  ALL THE UGLY CRYING HAPPENED OVER HERE.  One hand holding the wall of the tent and the other hand wishing I had thought to grab tissue as I blotted my eyes with my shawl.  BEAUTIFUL.

The bride with Jes & I

The bride with Jes & I

Everything from start to finish was so well thought out:

  • Welcome baskets in each cabin filled with snacks, games, activity books, scavenger hunt, sports drinks
  • Pre-wedding appetizers of pickled herring, cheese, crackers & spiked hot cocoa
  • After wedding green drinks (thin mint)
  • The bridesmaids each had a different color which just so happened to be each of our favorite color (mine was teal) – black dresses that we could style multiple ways, paired with shawls, jewelry, ankle ties, make up and nail polish of our color
  • A caricature artist
  • Bloody Mary bar
  • Late night snacks of nachos & wings
  • Candy bar with a chocolate fondue fountain
bridesmaid cup

bridesmaid cup

It was just all so perfect.  Mikka & I need to go into the wedding planning business (right, mikka?) Sam and I had a great weekend and were so happy we could be there to witness such a magical marriage take place.  AND MY PARENTS EVEN DROVE 2 HOURS TO GIVE US A HUG ON SUNDAY (because we needed it). Oh, & Evelyn had a great weekend with her Neena as well (big thanks to Neena – maybe we’ll do this more often?). Such sweet family & friends.

mr. & mrs. green

mr. & mrs. green

Cheers to the newlyweds on the beginning of something truly beautiful.


marital tiffs

We’re going on 5 months of marriage now, and it wouldn’t be healthy if we didn’t have the occasional “tiff” especially with all that we have going on. Most of the time, our little tiff’s are laugh-worthy and are more of mind games than anything else (ya know, to keep each other on our toes). So here goes our recent tiffs (for your reading pleasure and welcomed “choosing of sides.”)

Sam and I headed to Richmond, VA last weekend to visit our lovely friend, Megan and her family. In preparation for this trip, I packed Evelyn’s bag and my belongings, leaving Sam just to pack food (instructed to empty all produce from the refrigerator and put in cooler) and the box wine (to also put in the cooler). I had promised Megan sangria with the box wine.

Sam texts me and says, “I can’t fit the wine in the cooler.” I reply, “okay, that’s fine.” My interpretation is that the wine doesn’t necessarily need to go in the cooler, and that Sam is well aware that we promised Sangria so (logically) he’ll pack it, somewhere outside of the cooler. WRONG. The box wine did not make it to Richmond, VA.

Next (now in the car headed to destination):
Me, “Do we have to pass through any tolls on the way?”
Sam, “Yes”
Me,”What are we going to do for them?”
Sam, “Pay them..?”

Here’s my issue with this.. shouldn’t it be obvious that I know we need to pay the tolls?! Did he honestly think that I believed the toll guards would take one look at our adorable family and say, “it’s your lucky day, you get to go FO’FREE!!??” No. We (as a couple) do not carry cash. I (as a mid-westerner from non-toll states) am inexperienced with the procedure of non-cash tolls (if they even exist). Am I wrong to ask that question and then be offended with his response?

Don’t get me wrong, we had a laugh through this entire conversation and series of events and this post is in no way to determine a legitimate argument but COME ON… give me a bit more credit than that!

These are examples of daily communications, or mis communications rather, that take place with this newly married couple.  It’s fun, its frustrating, it’s romantic, it’s whatever we make of it.

Life’s all about having fun (or it should be).  Why sweat the small stuff and waste any moments in real arguments with the ones you love?  But.. if you want to tell me I was right and he was wrong, I welcome comments 🙂



a perfect evening

Honestly, last night was my kind of perfect night.

Traffic was non existent on my drive home, the weather was perfect for sun roof open and windows down, the radio was cranked and the sun was shining.

I enter a cool home to a welcoming husband and a smiling baby.

I get to feed my baby, play with her, make her laugh and then all eat dinner together (eggplant parm- made by my husband).

Sam mows the lawn while Evy and I go for a run/walk.

afternoon jog in the bob

Evy falls asleep and I enjoy the scenery while finding a box of FREE books – what what?

sleepy evy

When we get home, I feed Evy a bottle while Sam sings/reads her a bedtime book which she LOVED (& so did I).

We put her down and then head to our patio where the sun is just about to set and enjoy a glass of white wine and plan our weekend (on a tuesday – heck yes to my ocd with planning).

patio wine

We decide a date night is essential. Yes, that’s right – essential so we check in with Neena (Sam’s mom) to make sure she can watch our little one, and then purchase tickets to PENTATONIX (the past showchoir/ “gleek” in me is insanely giddy) for this upcoming Sunday, then curl on the couch and watch a few of their a cappella videos on their youtube channel.

All that and can get into bed by 10 p.m.