meet the weinstocks

We’re just two crazy kids who jump head first into any adventure we take part in.  Since our “togetherness” began in 2009, we’ve tackled the long distance bit (seattle, wa ->winona, mn), traveling abroad for three months to new Zealand and Australia, countless day/week trips across the country, numberous jobs, 4 moves (together), puppy, engagement, baby, wedding, car, etc.  If you’re an old friend looking to stay connected, or a new friend looking to get caught up – here’s where you’ll get your fill on our daily triumphs, inspirations, laughable moments of miss evelyn & miss eleanor, life lessons of a newly hitched couple and more.

[a lit’l bit about sam – Sammy grew up outside of Boston in Lexington, MA. he has one older brother, nick who is six years wiser. 564105_10100122966022359_211589867_n(in the words of cortney) Sam is a professional procrastinator, lover of all things sports, a comedian in his own right, an old soul with new tricks and the world’s greatest partner. He’s a professional stay at home dad (chef, dog walker and Netflix addict).

550199_10150677588979780_1158070916_nre: cortney – Cortney grew up in the small Wisconsin city of Onalaska (next to the Lacrosse, WI (home of the worlds largest six pack of beer). She’s an only child who had the privilege of growing up with two very influential step-brothers at separate periods of time. Cortney is glued to her to-list, creative to a fault, an un-necessary worry-wart and obsessive over her new prides & joys, Evelyn & Eleanor.]

In December, 2012- we welcomed Evelyn Ruth to the world and life as we knew it burst into glitter, unicorns & rainbows; now double that beautiful mess with our second beautiful daughter, Eleanor Dianne in July, 2014. Over what should have been a slow period to enjoy baby bonding, we decided to throw in a couple of other huge life events such as 1) move up our August wedding to March 2) purchase a new car 3) accept a new job 4) move from Portland, OR -> Baltimore, MD all from December 1st, 2012- February 1, 2013. What were we thinking? In the process, we laughed, cried, did our awkward jumping jacks (video to demonstrate at some point), pinterest-ed (did I just create a new verb?) like crazy for our wedding, avoided emotion of leaving our beloved home and forged forward to new territory east. Did we document any of it? Of course not so here we are filling you all in now.

This blog will be about [whatever we think is relevant to us at the moment] food, babies, diapers, inspired style, décor, house hunt treasures, pinterest picks, book reviews, marriage funnies, requested advice columns (we need input from YOU), new adventures, life happenings.

Follow us if you’d like to tag along for our ride.


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