Healthy Caesar Salad Recipe

Healthy Caesar Salad Recipe

Sam and I love salad but having olive oil & vinegar with every rendition is getting kind of boring so when we came across this recipe for a healthy version of Caesar salad dressing, we had to try it out. Now this is a staple of our weekly dinners.


1/2 cup raw pumpkin seeds
2 clove crushed garlic
1/4 tsp salt/pepper
juice of half lemon
1 tsp dijon mustard
5 tbls olive oil

In a blender, mix ingredients together. The consistency is a bit thick so if you’d like to thin it out, add a touch more olive oil.

Pour over romaine and top with a bit of parmesan cheese and fresh croutons.



Practicing Gratitude

Sam and I are very fortunate to be surrounded by such loving and supportive friends and most importantly, family.  Our decision to move across the country was a very fast, impulse move.  We hadn’t given too much thought to what our living situation would be.  We assumed we’d find a rental within the first few weeks and that’d be that.  Upon arriving in Baltimore, we were shocked to see how high rental prices were (largely due to proximity to Aberdeen Proving Grounds, APG).  We decided our money would be best spent on purchasing a home, building equity and committing to our move whole heartedly.  With that, we moved in with Sam’s uncle and aunt and their three energetic and adorable kids while we began our house hunt – very thankful.


Not only are my new relatives housing us – but they are feeding us, helping out with our dog, helping out with Evy and ultimately, saving our sanity – very thankful.  I have to keep reflecting on where we’d be without their help & generosity.  If we hadn’t been offered their basement suite, we would most likely have rushed into a rental, been stuck in a contract for months which wouldn’t allow us the freedom to look at the housing market and it could have been a rude awakening for Sam’s first week as a stay at home dad.  I think just knowing that his aunt was there was a huge relief and still is.  Needless to say, Sam’s got the whole parenting thing down to a science and is loving it- but breaks are always helpful during trying days.  His family always jumps in to help in any of these situations – very thankful.

Reflecting on this makes me motivated to two things : 1) Pay it forward.  Who else can I share this extreme generosity with and in what capacity?  Yesterday, I gave my co-worker an egg of his favorite jellybeans but rightfully so, that doesn’t even make it on the radar of this amount of awesome generosity bestowed to us.  This will be something I will need to really think about but for an immediate duty, I’ll continue with small acts of thoughtfulness/kindness whenever I can.  2) It motivates me to chill out.  Every day since we’ve been in Maryland, I have been frantic about something.  Whether it was wedding planning, finalizing moving expenses, traveling, and now house hunting – there’s always something on my mind that seems pressing.  Being with Sam’s aunt and uncle provides a reassuring feeling that, “it’ll all be okay.”  While I’d like to move soon for a few reasons (give them their “new” home back!, start our married life off right, provide Evelyn stability and her own space/routine, really start our life here), at least they make us feel welcomed and wanted – very thankful.

My family has also been reminding me to be patient and reassuring our parenting skills are sound as we doubt them with every interrupted nap time for a house showing, or new place for her to take her nap/go to bed, or new face, place, scent we introduce her to – NOTHING has been consistent for her besides Sam and I.  They remind us that life happens, stay strong, have faith, be patient: it’ll all work out.

I need this reminder more than ever today.  My plan is to practice many of the things from Tuesday’s post – focusing on: drinking tea (Bungalow; Steven Smith), listening to tunes (today’s pick is Love Today by Mika), practice gratitude (very thankful for all mentioned above + my sweet Evelyn’s smile + loving husbands patience with me), our semi-routine family walk/run after work (come on spring, warm it up!) and to hopefully limit media consumption today by being in our moment rather than someone else’s.

What are you grateful for and how do you show it??




Let’s get happy!

With all of the changes that have been taking place in our lives recently, it’s no wonder that Sam and I are feeling a bit “blah.”  Sure, everything is very exciting but the main thing we have been slacking on in all of the chaos is focusing on things that are simple and make us “happy.”  The other day, I was thinking about this and because I am also married to my to-do list, I decided to make a little sheet on simple things “to-do” to keep our sanity & happiness in check. montra

Soon after I made this little reminder, I came across an article on yahoo about 7 ways to feel happier.  Now normally, I find many of these types of articles to be superficial, no-brainer, who really needs this type of advice and I often bypass them but turns out – I am one of those people currently who need these types of reminders so I read it.

Their 7 suggestions were simple:

  1. Get some sun – I’m looking quite ghostly so I’m thinking that’s a good idea.
  2. Exercise – haven’t done a thing since Evy was born and I’m feeling sluggish.
  3. Meditate – who has time for that?  Looks like I need to make time.
  4. Pay it forward – definitely need to practice this more – they suggest once a day.
  5. See your friends regularly – I’m going to refer to this as keep in touch since I have only two friends so far in the Baltimore area.
  6. Get a massage – YES, PLEASE!
  7. Be intimate with your man – hey honey 😉

I’m loving the idea of taking time out of each day to practice many of these things.  Currently, I’m listening to Justin Timberlake’s new cd (reaffirmed my 7th grade obsession) and drinking a cup of Steven Smith Tea – perfect start to my Tuesday morning. The beauty of a blog is to share these little realizations and moments of failure/triumph with whomever is out in the blogosphere so I intend to start working on these suggestions right away and will keep you posted. So to my friends, expect more emails; to mr. wyatt, expect more runs; to my husband, expect more date nights and to myself, expect more happiness.

Here we go!