new job

Happy last day to me!!!

You guys, I am so excited to be heading back to work for Parks & Recreation. Sam so lovingly calls me Lesley Knope from NBC’s series, Parks & Recreation. Over the past 2 years, I’ll admit to crying in jealousy over a few of the episodes as well as skimming old program guides and perusing the web of Portland Parks for the latest Summer Free for All line-up. Pathetic? I’m well aware. Just goes to show you how badly I wanted needed to be back with parks. Thank you to Lesley Knope for perfectly demonstrating my new job excitement :).

100 "Parks And Recreation" GIFs To Celebrate The Show's 100th Episode

So what am I going to be doing? I’ll find out soon! My title is Park Administrator. It’ll be a different experience from working in community centers but from what I’ve learned about my new position, I’ll be bringing special events to parks and handling the permit center. No matter what my exact job duties will be, I will be interacting with community and using my degree – double win & gives a bit of validity to my heaps of student loans! Oh, and goodbye commute! My new job is 20 minutes from my home!

I’m grateful for the job that I am leaving – it got us to Maryland, close to family and allowed us to become home-owners and for my husband to stay home with Ev. Maybe my intense desire to have my work be more than just work is a generational trait or maybe its having such strong motivation to be a part of something bigger than me and of a worthy cause that kept me motivated to find my passion again. Either way, I am feeling so thankful for all of the pieces that have fallen in place that have put me in a position to have a happy, healthy family where both my husband and I enjoy the work that we do. Not many people are fortunate enough to say that and I will not take these opportunities for granted.

A reminder for today – if you feel stuck in a rut and are not loving what you’re currently doing – what can you do to take a step forward in changing your happiness? Get motivated & take control. Before accepting this job, I looked into new degrees, stay at home options and opened my job search to things I had never considered before. When the right fit came along, I knew; although it took a lot of patience and many, many months. I’d suggest being patient but never losing motivation towards your goal. Keep the faith that your pieces will fall into place.

100 "Parks And Recreation" GIFs To Celebrate The Show's 100th Episode

Feeling very grateful and optimistic of my future & wishing you all the same.  {{Also – if you’re a park friend or anyone working in the public service field, stay tuned as I navigate the process of applying for the student loan forgiveness program! I’ll be sure to post helpful tips 🙂 or if you have any for me, please share! }}

(thank you buzzfeed for the perfect gifs) HAPPY FRIDAY, YA’LL!


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