appreciated support

I’ve been a bit MIA on our site recently.  Have you ever had a time where you have SO much to say but just don’t have the right words?  So, it’s not for lack of things to say for my absence – it’s due to too much to say.  I still haven’t found the right direction to approach all that is going on in the world of the Weinstocks recently but with certain relationships, words or approaches aren’t necessary.  What matters is that support is needed- and I have to say, the support we’ve received is overwhelming.

The value of a true friend is priceless.  Truly.  My husband and I are feeling the love all over the place and it’s genuine, it’s heartfelt, it’s powerful, it’s healing.

I keep trying to find the words.  I don’t have any.  Mostly because I haven’t organized or processed emotions to properly detail what’s been going on in depth  (because I don’t understand it fully, yet) and I don’t have the ability to communicate what’s going to be going on (because I can’t predict the future or how certain things will play out).  I just wanted to communicate in some form and that’s to say thank you to our friends & family.

Sam and I are heading to Portland later today to bring his Father back to live in Baltimore.  He needs to be near us and we need to be near him.  All I can say, is that there is need for prayers, understanding and patience.  This trip is going to be overwhelming for many reasons.  Not only are we organizing this huge transition for his father, but we are also entering a world of decisions that are completely foreign.  On top of that, we are reconnecting with friends who mean the world to us in the city and region of the world that we love.  There will be emotions to say the least.

Sometimes in life, it’s important to throw logic and reason out the window and follow your gut and heart.  You do what you know is right; although not easy.  You do what you know will make a difference, although it might not be convenient.  You step up when it counts.  Our friends and family demonstrate this to us consistently.  You’re great role models, folks and we love you. 

I’m not entirely sure how much detail I’ll end up getting into on our cozy little space here, but send positive vibes our way during periodic absences.  The support is priceless.


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