married with kid(s)

2 young professionals, married with 7.5 month old baby, loves the outdoors, wine, day trips and adventure seeking other young married professionals with baby and/or young children who also like outdoors, wine, day trips and adventure.

THIS IS WHAT LIFE HAS BECOME. Finding friends after having kids is like joining a dating website or creating a craigslist add. I’m going to start a new section of missed connections: “My husband and I were at the tot lot today, he was wearing a green shirt and I had on a purple dress. You had a little boy about one year old. We talked for 2 minutes about public schools verse private schools and then you had to run to change a diaper. Please call us to finish our ADULT CONVERSATION. PLEASE!”

In all honesty, we are just now feeling settled enough to start socializing beyond family and our friends from college, but putting ourselves out there is proving awkward. Having a social group is so important to our sanity and well-being, but finding friends who share similar parenting styles, and are able to coordinate schedules around nap times, etc is a challenge. My joke of starting a miss connections isn’t all that far off from the excitement of having a random conversation with another young couple at the zoo, having an awkward goodbye and then walking to the car debating why or how we should’ve exchanged numbers – IT’S PLAY-DATE DATING FOR PARENTS. It’s weird, its awkward and it’s painful.

Any suggestions as we venture out into the social abyss that is creating a new social network of parent-friends?!


2 thoughts on “married with kid(s)

  1. Join some meetup groups! I use for hiking groups in Oregon and it’s always a good time. I know they have groups for families and play dates and what not, is look into it!

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