over laundry, really?

Those of you who have been following along, know that we had many considerations in choosing a neighborhood during our house hunt. We wanted to live in a great school district, in the county, in a safe neighborhood with promise of rising property values, near family. We found the perfect first home with all of those key, desired characteristics.
No more than 2 months living in our home, a community-shaking murder took place just three streets away from our new address. As I left for work one Wednesday morning, our neighborhood was swarmed with police and news cameras. Turns out that at 5:30 in the morning, a man was chased down and shot while he was driving his car, causing him to hit numerous cars on his street, flip his car and be found dead at the scene. This event was tragic.
During the week it took the police to solve the crime, there were many speculations, harsh accusations and disappointing actions/reactions that took place throughout our cozy community. It was identified that the man who was shot and killed was a resident in our neighborhood. He rented his home (this is the first WHO CARES). It was speculated that his rental was section 8 (this is the second WHO CARES). He and his family are African American (this is the third and largest WHO CARES). Other speculations played over the week such as: this was a drug deal gone bad, this was gang related, etc. These speculations were made based solely on the above three WHO CARES facts.
Turns out, the murderer was a friend of the victims’ girlfriends’ daughter. The murderer had stopped by their residence to drop off laundry for his friend to do for him. When the victim denied laundry service, he was chased down and shot. REALLY? OVER DIRTY SOCKS?
All I have to say is that I hope every single person of our community who speculated the reasons or circumstances of this tragic incident as a gang or drug related crime is ashamed. I also hope that every single person of our community who stated their opposition for allowing renters or section 8 properties into our community due to this isolated incident over dirty laundry feels horrible. Where was the compassion to one of our neighbors who lost their loved one? Regardless of the reason, where was the compassion? Drug related, gang related, dirty laundry related, it doesn’t matter… violence is never the answer and when tragedy strikes a community, we rally together not fall apart. His family needed our love, support and acceptance – not our accusations, speculations and shunning.
Our thoughts, love and prayers are with the victim’s family for his unfortunate, tragic death. Hopefully compassion will form out of ignorance and patience will come before blind assumptions in all future happenings.


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