fear of flying

American Airline Flight to TX

Never in my life have I had a fear of flying. Ask anyone- I would hop on any plane, to any destination at any moment if given the chance. I love to travel. Turns out that once you pop a baby out, that changes (slightly).
I’m on my way to Texas for a work trip and while it’s always difficult leaving behind my hubby and baby, the recent happenings with airlines make it more than difficult: fearful. Two weeks ago there was the Asiana flight which landed short of the run way and then just days ago was the Southwest flight whose front wheels collapsed upon landing. Yikes.
I’m trying to be an optimist and put my big girl panties on, but these events do leave room to wonder – what if I’m on one of those unlucky flights? I don’t have a will put in place. Sam and I avoid the what-if conversations because… because! Is it time to change our ways and be prepared for any situation or does that lend itself to foreshadowing events to come?
Regardless, I use to sit on flights and anxiously await the adventures that lie ahead at my destination. Now I sit on flights reflecting on how happy I am at this point in my life and anxiously await the adventures that lie ahead back home! Don’t get me wrong, if my family were traveling with me, I’d be excited for my destination and the adventures to come but this trip – without my baby and without my better half – leaves me in need of a plan – because life is unpredictable and just a tad bit scary.

Anyone else had this sudden shift from comfort of flying to fear of flying?


2 thoughts on “fear of flying

  1. I get some anxiety when I leave now that I didn’t use to have. I do think it partly comes with really feeling like you have what you’re looking for at home…and some other various outside silliness. Miss you guys.

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