a lovely, impromptu weekend

This weekend took me back.  We had a lovely weekend full of both impromptu and planned activities – all of which took me back to various times.

Saturday morning rummage sale-ing: took me back to our Portland rummage sale-ing days with coffee in hand & baby in belly.  Fast forward to this weekend, coffee in hand & baby in stroller.  Instead of crib searching, we scored an awesome entry table, a vegetable steamer & a mirror/key holder for next to our front door – all for way cheap.  Although Sam and I are constantly saying, “let’s not fill our house with crap and start saving for real pieces of quality furniture” – we are still able to find a few diamonds in the rough while sorting through things at sales.  With that, the entry table we purchased is missing a drawer.. but ya know, I’ll find something to spruce it up and make it our own.

Saturday evening going away party:  took me back to my college days for a few reasons: 1) it was with my college roomie, Jenny who was always my beer pong partner through college 2) we played beer pong and dominated as we use to 3) I stayed up past midnight.  How did we ever do that every night of every weekend with a few weeknights mixed in?  While I miss college days and all of my friends, I do not wish to re-live those nights.. I am no longer 21 (officially).

Sunday morning day after party group breakfast: took me back to many ‘o breakfasts (whether in college or in Portland) hashing out the events from the night before.   Only this time, I’m feeding my daughter eggs for the first time which dominates the conversation rather than actual events from the night before.  It is still pretty surreal to me as I look across the table at my college roommate, Jenny who has a 2 year old building a tower of creamer containers and a 10 month old sleeping in a car seat while I have a 7 month old trying to put anything and everything in her mouth, that this is where we are in life after only being removed from our college house days about 5 years ago.  How sweet life changes for the better.

Sunday night date night:  took me back to pre-baby days (which would also be pre-marriage days – since that’s the last date night we had!).  We went to dinner at Hamilton Tavern (so good), walked around inner harbor & went to Ram’s Head to see Pentatonix.  6 hours child free, just my husband and I to have conversation about whatever we want to talk about, holding hands.. perfection. (Don’t get me wrong, by 10p.m. we were racing to get home to little e, but the time to focus on us was lovely).

Sam’s delicious, massive burger (photo credit: sam kittinger)

Although I’m exhausted, it’s so worth it.  This weekend was a reminder mainly that I’m no longer 21 (due to the fact that I’m shamefully still feeling the negative effects of the weekend ON TUESDAY); but most importantly that is crucial for Sam and I to make time for each other (& at times just each other).  Our time together (in all activities) was wonderful. We have a blast together and the beauty of us having the time of our lives by enjoying every bit and every second of parenting is what makes me love him all the more.  While the “partying” will not be regular thing, the impromptu-coffee-in-hand outings & the baby-free date nights will become more of routine (by routine: maybe a once a month baby-free night & a weekly coffee-in-hand outing).

If Pentatonix is coming near you – GO CHECK THEM OUT .  If you’re a parent and dismiss the idea of a regular date night as necessary – don’t.  It seriously is so worth it to take 2 hours to just enjoy you and your spouse.  Celebrate being parents, celebrate being in love, celebrate each other  – you don’t have to get crazy but take the time to enjoy being “you.”   This weekend, I was thankful for new friends, old friends, going away friends, family who so willingly watches our little one, live music, good food, old & new memories and most importantly, my hubby.


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