marital tiffs

We’re going on 5 months of marriage now, and it wouldn’t be healthy if we didn’t have the occasional “tiff” especially with all that we have going on. Most of the time, our little tiff’s are laugh-worthy and are more of mind games than anything else (ya know, to keep each other on our toes). So here goes our recent tiffs (for your reading pleasure and welcomed “choosing of sides.”)

Sam and I headed to Richmond, VA last weekend to visit our lovely friend, Megan and her family. In preparation for this trip, I packed Evelyn’s bag and my belongings, leaving Sam just to pack food (instructed to empty all produce from the refrigerator and put in cooler) and the box wine (to also put in the cooler). I had promised Megan sangria with the box wine.

Sam texts me and says, “I can’t fit the wine in the cooler.” I reply, “okay, that’s fine.” My interpretation is that the wine doesn’t necessarily need to go in the cooler, and that Sam is well aware that we promised Sangria so (logically) he’ll pack it, somewhere outside of the cooler. WRONG. The box wine did not make it to Richmond, VA.

Next (now in the car headed to destination):
Me, “Do we have to pass through any tolls on the way?”
Sam, “Yes”
Me,”What are we going to do for them?”
Sam, “Pay them..?”

Here’s my issue with this.. shouldn’t it be obvious that I know we need to pay the tolls?! Did he honestly think that I believed the toll guards would take one look at our adorable family and say, “it’s your lucky day, you get to go FO’FREE!!??” No. We (as a couple) do not carry cash. I (as a mid-westerner from non-toll states) am inexperienced with the procedure of non-cash tolls (if they even exist). Am I wrong to ask that question and then be offended with his response?

Don’t get me wrong, we had a laugh through this entire conversation and series of events and this post is in no way to determine a legitimate argument but COME ON… give me a bit more credit than that!

These are examples of daily communications, or mis communications rather, that take place with this newly married couple. Β It’s fun, its frustrating, it’s romantic, it’s whatever we make of it.

Life’s all about having fun (or it should be). Β Why sweat the small stuff and waste any moments in real arguments with the ones you love? Β But.. if you want to tell me I was right and he was wrong, I welcome comments πŸ™‚



4 thoughts on “marital tiffs

  1. Megan got no Sangria: Cort – 1, Sam – 0. Sam’s response to the tolls made me laugh and is totally something I would say: Cort – 1, Sam – 1. Everyone’s a winner!…or loser, depending on how you look at it πŸ˜‰

    • What Kate said! I’d have said the same thing, or something like, “…try to drive as fast as we can through them?!” #smartass But… if I were Megan, I’d totally expect you to bring that Sangria back to me. So… yep. 1-1.

      • looks like megan is the real winner of this debate in the end: ALL THE SANGRIA + repeat visit πŸ™‚ .. any visitors want to join us?! (kate, doni, pt, elia)!?!? xo

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