a perfect evening

Honestly, last night was my kind of perfect night.

Traffic was non existent on my drive home, the weather was perfect for sun roof open and windows down, the radio was cranked and the sun was shining.

I enter a cool home to a welcoming husband and a smiling baby.

I get to feed my baby, play with her, make her laugh and then all eat dinner together (eggplant parm- made by my husband).

Sam mows the lawn while Evy and I go for a run/walk.

afternoon jog in the bob

Evy falls asleep and I enjoy the scenery while finding a box of FREE books – what what?

sleepy evy

When we get home, I feed Evy a bottle while Sam sings/reads her a bedtime book which she LOVED (& so did I).

We put her down and then head to our patio where the sun is just about to set and enjoy a glass of white wine and plan our weekend (on a tuesday – heck yes to my ocd with planning).

patio wine

We decide a date night is essential. Yes, that’s right – essential so we check in with Neena (Sam’s mom) to make sure she can watch our little one, and then purchase tickets toย PENTATONIX (the past showchoir/ “gleek” in me is insanely giddy) for this upcoming Sunday, then curl on the couch and watch a few of their a cappella videos on their youtube channel.

All that and can get into bed by 10 p.m.



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