a perfect weekend for a perfect dad

Our first father’s day weekend was a complete success. We literally had the best time. Our best friend, Eme came into town and we jam packed it with day trips, live music, great food and quality family time. It was much needed and the perfect way to honor the fantastic father Sam is to our sweet Evelyn.

daddy and evy I got to work super early on Friday morning so that I could take off early and pick Em up from the airport. While waiting for her to get her bags, we decided a spontaneous jaunt to Annapolis was needed. It was a beautiful day so grabbing some lunch, waterfront sounded perfect. I won’t mention where we ate at because honestly, the view and the company were the only two things worth mentioning. We walked around a bit and then headed back to Baltimore to freshen up for our evening plans.

A local market near our new home sets up a mini-festival with live music every Friday night during the summer. This was our first time checking it out and the genre was jazz. It was a blast. This market closed off its parking lot and opened it up to a sea of lawn chairs (which you could rent for free with your id), food vendors, dancing kids and long lines for the booze. We had a great time.
Saturday was spent picnicking in Chesapeake City where there was a little bluegrass festival going on. Sam got up early to take the dog for some exercise and to get some fresh veggies for lunch. He grilled veggies, made an orzo salad and packed up the fixin’s for an awesome lunch. We enjoyed veggie, feta sandwiches, orzo salad and ooey-gooey chocolate chip cookies on our picnic lunch. It was great. Something about the sun, live music and a relaxing summer drive wore us out and we spent the night in watching Sam’s all-time favorite movie, Swingers.
Sunday, father’s day, was my turn to wake up early and prepare food. I made pancakes with either chocolate chips or family picsprinkles, and egg sandwiches with avocado and bacon. I cut up fresh strawberries and kept a stream of coffee brewing. We had a fairly relaxing morning before making plans with family to check out the zoo. We were there with 5 adults and 4 kids and surprising, EVERYONE behaved. We were at the zoo for about 3.5 hours and enjoyed every minute of it. We would have even stayed longer had the zoo not closed. The Maryland Zoo isn’t the fanciest of zoos but it has a nice layout, beautiful landscape and the animals, of course, are adorable and so much fun to chat with. As our nieces kept calling out, “HEY ELEPHANTS!”… or when they recognized characters from their favorite Madagascar movies, “HEY MELVIN!” It was adorable. I can’t wait for Evy to get to that stage (although we’re thoroughly enjoying where she’s at currently).
about to crawlSpeaking of little miss e, we’re about to have our hands full. She is just on the verge of crawling. It’s so fun to see her slowly put the movement and the coordination together. She’s not there yet, but it’s going to be any day now. We’ve also started her on a few solid foods and it’s going great. She’s eaten avocado, sweet potatoes, and green beans. So much fun and I have to admit, I like to do the airplane when feeding her and I’m fairly certain it makes me more excited than her. She gives me this look that says, “come on mom, just feed me already.” Moments like these are priceless and I can tell they are escaping far too fast.
Sam, along with other stay at home parents, have their work cut out for them – no doubt about that – but they also get to experience all of those moments without missing a beat. I envy their time together but more so, I am so thankful that Evy has such a solid, loving, involved dad who never takes those moments for granted. She will know the love and unconditional support in her father which is all I could have ever hoped for when dreaming of building a family. Sam is unquestionably, the greatest father I have ever witnessed and I am so thankful my child gets to experience that love. So to father’s, happy belated father’s day & I hope you enjoyed family, friends & a fresh breath of rejuvenation (whatever that means to you).
We sure did. We’re a pretty lucky bunch of happy Weinstocks.


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