Welcome home

WE’RE OFFICIALLY HOMEOWNERS! What a process buying a house is – my goodness! I have to admit that I’m really surprised at how quickly everything happened from us – deciding to buy a home – to actually owning a home.  The middle work (garbage) though, I could do without.  The aforementioned was why I couldn’t bring myself to write a post about our happenings as I didn’t want to scare any potential home buyers from our experience.

As most people who know me can attest, when I know what I want, my patience in waiting for it is fairly limited.  We placed our offer on a Friday afternoon and waited over the longest weekend of my life for it to be accepted (after a day of negotiations) on Sunday evening (April 7th).  Then came the home inspection – YIKES.  The inspector was snapping photos and documenting things left and right.  The house needed new plumbing, 4 slate shingles to be replaced, a caving ceiling to be secured, new sump pump, and many other tasks, including the removal of a dead squirrel from the attic.  I left the house thinking there was no way we’d end up here.  Our contract stipulated that we allow them to fix any issues we request and if they refuse, we can walk away.  We requested a laundry list of both big and small items.  After waiting their given 5 days, they came back saying that they would fix EVERYTHING!

With that, it all became so real, although I refused to believe it until we got to settlement.  When the last paper was signed and handshakes went around the table, I felt extremely grown up (..as well as terrified, thrilled, excited, depressed, giddy, anxious, etc).  We’re now officially homeowners, officially Maryland residents and officially starting to build our

family and the environment we’ll raise it within.


The next days/months/years will be spent with (a bajillion) projects around the house.

In the 3.5 short days that we’ve had access to our home, we’ve painted the three bedrooms, have them all unpacked and  even managed to get an electrician in to change a light fixture and some dated outlets.  The rest of the house is a disaster but at least we can put Evelyn down for her naps in her own room while we work.  Once the boxes are all out of sight, there will be plenty of pictures posted.

We’re excited to share the slow progress that will be making this house our home.  After 3 months of living out of a suitcase, it’s finally a relief to be able to say, “Welcome Home.”


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