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Birthdays have always been a momentous occasion in my life. Growing up, a few of my cousins and my step brother all held birthdays in the month of April so my earliest memories were joint birthday parties filled with rooms of wrapping paper balls, shiny birthday balloons, battery operated toys running aimlessly into one another and the best part – a cake for each of us. My favorite birthday cake was when I was 4 years old. The cake was in the shape of a 4, had chocolate frosting and was covered in M&M’s. It was perfect.

I can tell you what I did for every one of my birthdays – that’s how special the people in my life have made them for me. From joint skating parties at “Skate Town” to a friend taking me rollerblading at sunrise with hot cocoa and muffins, to a group of friends surprising me with a trip to go see Maroon Five, to more current birthdays of mimosa’s, baseball and crabs. At 26, I can tell you that my expectation for birthdays has decreased but the key figures in my life keep topping the charts.

This year, was no exception. Here are some highlights from my birthday WEEKEND! I am truly surrounded by the finest people who share nothing but generosity, love and selflessness. I love them.

My mother and I are very close so the distance is always hard – especially around special occasions. She always knows what to do to make it feel like she’s right there though. She sent me a large floral bouquet, a happy birthday balloon and a BOX OF CHOCOLATES! – yum. Because I am so fond of birthdays and will use it as an excuse to celebrate with everyone I can, I had also brought Starbucks cakepops to work with me on Friday so needless to say, everyone was on a sugar high all day.

image (2)     image (1)

Saturday was spent by Sam first allowing me to sleep in until 11- WHOA! I haven’t had that much sleep since pre-pregnancy days. It was divine. After my luxury snooze, we went to a French bakery to get lunch, to the mall to get me a new dress and then met friends at Boordy’s Vineyard for an afternoon of wine, a delicious spread (thanks to Jen) and great company. The sun was out and it was a great day. The evening was spent cuddled on the sofa watching Audrey Hepburn flicks and tacos.

image (10)        image (3)

image (4)        image (5)

Sunday was my birthday which started with an actual date! Evy was sleeping so we took advantage and left her with Neena (Sam’s mom) and we got out by ourselves. What a weird feeling but it was fantastic. We had breakfast at a little French bistro where we were seated in a cozy corner booth. Our table was overtaken by our endless drinks (water+coffee+mimosas x2). After breakfast we went to walk around a tulip garden. It was a beautiful day. Sam also spoiled me with a watch that I’ve had my eye on for some time. The night ended with a large newspaper covered table filled with crabs and surrounded by some lovely company. There’s nothing like crabs covered in old bay, washed down with a beer and then followed by my favorite, carrot cake. I went to bed stuffed and completely satisfied by all of the birthday lovin’.

image (8)      image (6)  image (9)  IMG_1141 (1)

image (13)

image (11)My best friend, Em sent me a little present that got commandeered by my little miss – such a cute little gift. Needless to say, it was a great weekend and I felt the love. This will also be one of the most memorable birthdays as we are inching closer to owning a HOME!

I’ve been hush-hush about the house situation but I have updates that I’ll be sharing later this week.

Now.. to start planning Sammy’s birthday which is just about a month away. I’ve got some big shoes to fill this year.


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