Charm City

Leaving Portland was especially difficult for me.  While Sam may have wished for a larger downtown, there were many hidden treasures that made Portland unlike any other city I’ve enjoyed.  As we settle into our recent move, we set out to discover some of Baltimore’s hidden and not so hidden gems.  Note: all of the findings at this point are the obvious-tourist-destinations but after last week’s quest, it’s safe to say, here’s the start to a love affair with our new city.

We spent last weekend exploring Fells Point.  Fells Point is a historic area laced with cobblestone roads, brick faced buildings and narrow streets all set along the harbor.  It’s beautiful.  We enjoyed the architecture while we made a list of restaurants we will eventually try (post house purchase).  I can’t tell you how excited I am to “Eat Bertha’s Mussels” as soon as the weather heats up!

Bertha           Cobbelstone Road     pretty building         Harbor           Homicide Building Door        natty boh

Anyone recognize that door (building) from a popular tv show??  We had a great time exploring little baby boutiques, home decor shops and smelling the delicious seafood dishes of all the local restaurants.  I have yet to try the local brew, Natty Boh so that may have to be on the list for this weekend (aka my b-day weekend!).

If anyone has any recommendations for cafes, shops, places to check out that are not so obvious, please send them our way!  We can’t wait to explore more and find our go-to’s.

So from Rose City to Charm City, I think we’ll like it here.


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