little miss e

ImageBeing a parent is the world’s greatest gift.  As much as other parents can forecast how life changing it will be for a new parent, you won’t know just how awesome it is until you actually meet your child for the first time and feel the crazy intense, -their-life-is-in-our-hands-, love at first sight, pull at your heart strings.  We were told many things before Evelyn’s arrival: sleep when the baby sleeps, stock up on diapers, get in as many date nights as you can pre-baby, life will never be the same, ask for help when she comes, take photos and record everything because time goes by so fast.

Well, four months in – I can’t imagine/remember life without her.  It’s crazy how much Sam and I thought we’d miss our casual happy hours or movie outings, yet now that we’re surrounded by family with the opportunity to venture out occasionally – we cringe at the thought of leaving her.  Lack of sleep (while the bags under my eyes may claim otherwise) is totally worth it for the midnight cuddle sessions or staying awake to hear her random sighs, coo’s and grunts.  I live for the picture and video updates that arrive on my phone during the workday from my thoughtful husband.  I even enjoyed yesterday’s video which solely consisted of Sam listening to Evy screaming over the baby monitor as she tried to calm herself for a nap.

Image (1)Honestly, time is flying faster than it ever has.  Maybe it’s easier to measure the time by comparing photos that we took just last week to current photos and seeing just how much change and growth has taken place in the short amount of time.  It’s measured in each new sound (yes, including her new fake scream/cry). new hip movements, her ability to grab EVERYTHING within arms reach and put it into her mouth- each new “happening” is now a milestone and monumental victory in her development.  Sam and I are celebrating each of these moments.

Whether we thought we were grown ups already, having Evelyn has changed the definition of our life as adults.  From using our wedding gift cards to buy her a new bouncy seat, to the first question we ask when buying a car is no longer re: mpg but rather, “what is the safety crash rating and what are the installation options for a car seat?” to the simple fact that life is just simply all about her; and our lives are all the better for it. We love being parents.

While I’m the first to admit, I’m an avid worried-google-advice-seeking-parent, my only advice to new parents would be that you’ll learn as you go, be confident in your gut reaction and enjoy!  I love sharing stories with other mommy friends and sharing what works/doesn’t for each of us which has taught me that each child is unique, on their own pace and comes with fantastic stories and victories all their own.  No one will know or be able to care for your child like you will so take pride, have fun and take photos!!

Happy 4 months, baby girl – xo

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