Can I get a HECK YES?!

First off, it’s only appropriate to finally be able to say,


it’s lovely to see you!

To prove to you just how lovely it is here in Baltimore—-> weather

The first HECK YES is to the gorgeous weather.  If only I had access to my large supply of flip flops, sundresses and shorts.  We’ll soon have all of our very greatly missed belongings because our second HECK YES is that our offer in the adorable Rodgers Forge townhouse was accepted so we get to unpack – HALLELUJAH!  We are so excited.  Everything is still pending on the inspections going well so keep your fingers crossed for us. It’s hard to not jump into paint colors, rug designs and placement of all of our treasures in storage.  We simply had a perfect weekend so, HECK YES.

Yesterday we enjoyed a beautiful wedding at the historic savage mill.  We had a great time but really, any time we get to dress Evy up in a cute little dress is bound to be memorable.  The setting was lovely.  Natural light, simple table settings that complemented the venue’s open areas, elegance and great energy filled the ballroom. It was the perfect end to our weekend.            photo (1)    photo

Wherever you are, I hope you get to enjoy a bit of sunshine & I hope your weekend was as great as ours was!  Make sure to do something special for yourself today whether it’s eating well, going for a run or jammin’ out to the backstreet boys, we don’t judge.

Oh, and we also recently got our wedding photos back so stay tuned for wedding decorating tips & photos of our crazy wedding party.


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