Fingers crossed!

Anyone who is in the process of buying a home or saving to buy a home will tell you how to save, the importance of being patient, buying off brands, living with family, etc – if you’re reading this blog in hopes of any of such mentioned advice, you’re in the wrong place.  While it would have been ideal for us to have planned out a home purchase in advance, planning is clearly not a strong suite for the weinstocks.  Here would be the only advice we could give you: 1) get married 2) get a new job 3) use all the money from the wedding + your upgraded salary and 4) purchase the first home that you could “see” yourself in.  Terrible advice, right?  Well that’s what we’ve got here.

Does this mean that’s exactly what we did?  Not quite, but almost – we’re putting an offer in today on a townhome in Rodgers Forge mentioned on Monday’s post.  With that, let’s go over some love/ not-so-loves about this property.

We LOVE: the community that the townhome is in –  read about it!  There’s an adorable tot-lot literally right around the corner from this property.  Rodgers Forge has its own schools as well which are some of the top ranbookshelfked in Maryland.  It’s a safe neighborhood just outside of the city.  There are adorable little shops, cafes, markets and a HUGE mall – all nearby.  It’s also an easy jump onto 695 for me to venture off to work via.  It’s walking distance to Sam’s mom.  It has a built in bookshelf giving it some added character. The entire house (minus the basement+kitchen+bathroom) is hardwood floors in pretty good condition.  The bedrooms are big enough for what we’d use them for with the smallest being the perfect size for miss Evelyn’s nursery.  The photos on the website really are not that great so when/if we get this property, I’ll post more then – most likely in the form of before/after’s.  It also has gas and AC which are two things that are hit or miss in this community.

What we Less than Love:  Well, there are a few projects that this house would bring us.  The kitchen is tiny which is even a gross understatement.  Good thing I don’t cook because Sam and I wouldn’t fit in there together.  The layout of it doesn’t make any sense to me as it currently is as well so the kitchen will most likely be the first project when we secure some funds for it. See what I mean?  Our plan is to knock out the wall to the right and extend the kitchen into the formal dining room with a cute little island and picnic style table – make it an open, yet cozy/inviting eating & socializing

See that door?  It leads to the basement which if you ask me, isn’t the most convenient place for the door but once the kitchen is more open, it should help with the flow.  The other main project would be the bathroom.  It definitely has charm as it is, but the cracked tiles will eventually drive me crazy so here’s what it looks like now – see? Charm! Add a little color and we could make this an adorable little bathroom.  It is also the only bathroom so a longer term project would be to add in a half bath downstairs.


Those are the “biggest” concerns but otherwise, everything else is fun projects!  We get to:

  • landscape and garden in the backyard
  • paint EVERYTHING
  • finish the basement eventually
  • get all new light fixtures/fans
  • make it OURS!

….. that is, if our offer is accepted.  So- FINGERS CROSSED.  This would be a great starter home for the Weinstock’s.  If not, this was a fun day dream and the search will continue. We’re going to play a long waiting game over the weekend until we hear back!

Have a lovely weekend!


One thought on “Fingers crossed!

  1. So cute Cort and Sam! As a veteran of large house projects, word of advice, it will always take longer and cost more than you expect… however, it will be worth it to make it your own 🙂 Hope they accept your offer! PS love the blog idea!!!

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