why hello, there

hi friends,

we’re starting to get “settled” in on the east coast. And by settled, I mean we have no plans to leave the state (for trips) any time soon, so we are forcing ourselves to get familiar with things like: the grocery, gas stations, possible neighborhoods to live in, target, etc. We’re still living out of the one suitcase we packed with us back in January and are constantly lugging, Evy (4 months) and Wyatt (furry child -almost 2) back and forth between Harford County & Baltimore County. Is it is exhausting? yes. Will we look back at this time and smile thinking, how did we make it through? yes. The beauty of it all is that Sam and I are finding our sanity through daily check-in’s – being constantly open to each others concerns/wants/suggestions – yet forcing ourselves to find time for “us.” We’ve been doing the majority of that through our family walks. Now, if only we could afford the houses we see on our family walks – we’d be set.

Our expectation in moving to the east coast on such a short whim was that we’d likely rent and figure it out from there. Upon moving, we somehow fell into the, “we are sick of paying for someone else’s mortgage- we’re buying.” And that was that. All of the sudden, we are in the market to buy with absolutely zero saved, two weeks into a new job, a fresh decision that Sam would not be returning to apple and a brand spankin’ new babe. aye-ye-ye. For those who know Sam and I – this is our nature of business. Dangerous, but very exciting. So, where we’re at – we went from looking at single family homes in Bel Air, MD so that I could have a closer commute and be in a great school district to switching things up and looking in Baltimore County so that we can enjoy our personal style a bit more. It adds 15 minutes to my commute but when I get home, we feel like we will actually be able to go out and enjoy what Baltimore has to offer. Who knew that every freakin’ property would be SO OLD! We’re running into lead paint, floral wall paper, pink carpeting original vents in the walls for the stoves, windows back from the 1950’s – all & all – everything we’ve seen needs lots of tlc. In a recent viewing, my shoes literally were stuck to a bathroom floor- instant goosebumps. Later we realized we were surrounded with lead based paint, asbestos in the tile, recent termite extermination, among many other “first time homebuyer nightmare inflicting hee-bee-gee-bee’s.” No matter how many episodes of HGTV we watch, there’s no miracle big enough to help us conquer those issues on our budget.

Our hope is that we’ll be flooded with new properties over the next few weeks as the selling season opens up. As for now, we’re debating of buying a town house in Rodger’s Forge.




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